Homegoing Fund

Magic and Melanin’s Homegoing Fund is making it possible for every human of the African diaspora to return to and know their homeland.

For over 400 years, the world enacted a vast and terrible genocide on the people of Africa. These dark years would see millions and millions of men, women, and children ripped from their homes and taken to foreign lands. Their descendants would face fear, pain and death in this new land, a land we can never truly call our home. Today we still feel the ripples of these terrible actions, as the systems of bondage have evolved and changed while keeping their singular goal of oppressing our people. Despite this, we have persevered.

The future is bright. 2019 is The Year of Return, marking 400 years since the first African captives were forcibly taken from their home. As 2018 transitioned to 2019, we invited 11 members of the African diaspora to return back home with a trip delving into the wonder of Togo, Ghana and Benin. For many of our participants, it was the first time traveling to the Continent. It was a life-changing journey, filled with reflection, joy, and a newfound understanding of our history and strength. This year, many more of our brothers and sisters will be making their own trips back to the Motherland.

Magic and Melanin’s mission is to make the African continent more accessible to humans of the African diaspora. In pursuit of this, we are raising donations and sponsorships for our Homegoing Fund, to send participants on all-expense paid trips to West Africa.


Donate Today

At $4,000 per trip, your donation can go a long way towards sponsoring a member of the African diaspora to return to their original homeland. Our 14-day trip takes our participants through Togo, Ghana, and Benin, where the majority of African-Americans come from. Over the course of the trip, we explore the vibrant culture and life of cities like Lomé, Accra and Cotonou. We also travel through the countryside to visit the spectacular nature of West Africa. We visit sacred historical sites for a view into our past, and dream about all that the future has to offer for Africa.

Program cost includes:

    • Transportation between Togo, Benin, and Ghana — sit back, relax, we got it covered.
    • Room and board: local hotels will host MM West Africa, creating an intimate yet independent living experience. We’ll have plenty of group activities during this experience, but you’ll also have lots of time to explore on your own or with friends. 
    • 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served daily and/or sponsored by local restaurants. 
  • Excursions throughout Togo, Ghana, and Benin: the West Coast of Africa is full of remarkable landmarks and breath-taking natural scenery. 
  • Beach days on beach days on beach days! Need I say more?

Your donations will allow us to offer these experiences and more to all members of the diaspora. You can see a further breakdown of our activities and itinerary here.

Donate Today

Magic & Melanin aims to bring as many humans of the African diaspora back to the continent as possible. By taking care of the logistics and schedule for our participants, and extending the legendary hospitality of West Africa, we make all our visitors feel at ease. With your help, we can offer this homegoing experience to reconnect with your history to everyone, as a birthright. 

We’ve partnered with Ebonee Davis’ foundation Daughter, who has sponsored scholars for our August 2019 trip. Daughter is also sponsoring 6 scholarships for our December 2019. Learn more about Daughter and Ebonee’s mission here
We’ve also partnered with Ethiopian Airlines, the #1 Pan African airline in the world, to offer special rates for Magic & Melanin travelers returning to the Motherland.

This is a global movement that is growing like wildfire. With your help, we can help transform the lives of humans of the African diaspora who deserve to reconnect with their native home. Please consider donating today. 

Homegoing Fund


Donate to the Magic & Melanin Homegoing Fund to sponsor a once-in-a-lifetime voyage for our participants.

A typical trip for our scholars costs $4,400 and includes flight, lodging, ground transportation, meals, visas and entry to all excursions and landmark destinations. Any donation level is appreciated!

If you are interested in donating a custom or larger amount, please contact us at info@magicandmelanin.com

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