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Travel to West Africa

Have you always dreamt of exploring the land of your ancestors, but you didn’t know where to begin? It can be overwhelming to travel out of the country, and many black people feel a strong pull and curiosity towards the motherland, but may not feel like it’s as accessible as they’d like. That’s where Magic and Melanin comes in.

So many African nations are eager to welcome its brothers and sisters back home, and dispel stereotypes and myths about what it’s like to live in Africa. Magic and Melanin’s West Africa tour focuses on exploring Togo, Benin and Ghana, which were three main regions where Africans were captured and sold into enslavement. These regions have a rich and vibrant history long before enslavement, and we’ll bring that history and culture to light throughout our travels there.  

Our all-expense travel package covers transportation, housing, travel between the 3 nations, excursions and more, so you don’t have to worry about organizing every detail of your trip. It’s like studying abroad, but better! Our inaugural trip was completed in January 2019, and we’ll be offering more trips in May, August, and December 2019. If you’d like information on our trips, please sign up here and we’ll send you more details.

Invest in Healing the Diaspora

We believe every human of the African diaspora should be able to return to the Motherland and rediscover their roots and heritage. That’s why we began the Magic & Melanin Birthright Fund, and we’re raising money for trips to West Africa to be fully subsidized for future participants. Investing in this fund is a form of liberating human consciousness from a painful past of oppression and trauma. Together, we can heal and reconnect the African diaspora. Sponsor a trip today.

Know West Africa

Our team is constantly curating resources to help the world become more knowledgeable about West Africa’s vast history, which is often passed down orally. We have an online resource page for you to delve into incredible music, articles, tweets, and poignant perspectives from the motherland and diaspora. Deepen your understanding of your royal roots.

In an era where African nations have been misrepresented in the media, or completely erased, Magic and Melanin aims to provide greater visibility and accessibility to the land of our origins, wealth, and power.


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