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Visualize this: You’ve just stepped out of the airport in Lomé, Togo. It’s 77 degrees out and you’re welcomed by a greenery of palm trees and the sun’s warm embrace on your skin. All around you, you see beautiful representations of yourself, welcoming their loved ones, welcoming you. Magic and Melanin. You’ve arrived in West Africa, the land of your ancestors. You are home. 

Magic and Melanin’s Immersion Experience is aimed to ignite this feeling of homecoming within you. We’ve all been to Wakanda and fell in love. Here’s an opportunity to take this connection with the motherland a step further and explore, discover, reconnect with the real nations of the African continent, each so diverse and enriching. 

The future is Mother Africa. Come see for yourself this December 2019!

View Our Itinerary: The Year of Return in West Africa

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Our December 2019 Magic & Melanin Immersion Experiences Include:

  • 6 days in Togo, 3 days in Benin, and 5 days in Ghana.
  • Transportation between Togo, Benin, and Ghana — sit back, relax, we got it covered.
  • Room and board: local hotels will host MM West Africa, creating an intimate yet independent living experience. We’ll have plenty of group activities during this experience, but you’ll also have lots of time to explore on your own or with friends. 
  • 2 meals per day will be served daily and/or sponsored by local restaurants. Experience authentic West African dishes. Fufu, plantains, jollof rice… Your mouth’s watering already.
  • Excursions throughout Togo, Benin, and Ghana: the West Coast of Africa is full of remarkable landmarks and breath-taking natural scenery. Below are some of the places that we’ll be exploring on the tour.
  • Beach days on beach days on beach days! Need I say more?

View Our Itinerary: December 26 – January 10

Before registering, please make sure you’ve read our requirements:

  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The trip is non-refundable. We recommend purchasing a travel insurance package that would refund your trip if needed.
  • If you choose the option without a flight, you are responsible for securing your ticket to and from Lomé, Togo, with an arrival in Lomé before the first day of your trip.
  • If you choose the option with a flight, you are responsible for your travel and transportation to Newark Liberty Airport by the day of your scheduled flight to Lomé.
  • You are responsible for the costs of your visas, travel insurance (should you choose to get it) and immunization. We will provide you with a Welcome Package after registration which will guide you on this process.
  • The goal of this immersion experience is to help humans of the African diaspora reconnect with their roots, and this is a spiritually awakening experience, not just a regular vacation.
  • You must have a valid passport to travel on this trip.
  • As a participant of the Magic and Melanin Immersion Experience, you should have an open mind, and be aware that there are many cultural differences that you’ll have to adapt to, including the food and cultural norms. We will have several orientation opportunities to familiarize you with the culture, but it’s essential that you release expectations and get ready to embrace West Africa.
  • We will have internet connection in the hotel, but it will not always be available throughout our travels. We’ll recommend pocket wifi’s for those who would like to have it accessible on hand.
  • All participants will be sharing a hotel room with one other participant. We will go through a selection process to make sure you’re matched with someone you vibe with.
  • We will be doing physical activities such as walking and hiking during this experience, and it is therefore advised to be in healthy physical shape.

If you agree to all the terms & conditions, please begin the registration process below.

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Experience Dates

Summer in West Africa (August 1 – August 16), December in West Africa (December 26 – January 10)

Travel Package

with Flight, without Flight


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